Corporate Profile

Company NameKatouman Co.,Ltd.
PresidentTsuyoshi Yagihashi
Head OfficeTokyo Cyuuou-Ku Nihonbashi Tomizawa-Cho 8-7
Branch OfficeKyoto Nakagyo-Ku Ryogaemachi-Doun Nijo-Agaru Kitakouji-Machi
EstablishedMay 1 , 1951
Paid-in Capital24 million Yen

KATOUMAN, Our Policy and History

   Our company was founded by Manji Katou since 1951.We are expressing "Rinpa-Style" in the basis of our products from the period of our predecessor Maeda Seison (1885-1977), the famous artist of "Rinpa-Style", Kouhei Ezaki and Manji Katou/spredecessors Seison's apprentices worked the wholesale house of kimono in Kyoto.
   "Rinpa" is the great stream in Japanese art history.  "Rinpa" works are peculiar the bold colors and composition with flower and tree motif. The founder master of "Rinpa" was Tawaraya Soutatsu in former term of Edo period. Ogata Kourin (1658-1716) accomplished and succeed after continuous. "Rinpa-Style" utilize design all sorts of arts and crafts not only Japanese Painting and Textile.
   We produced the original goods based the design of Kouhei Ezaki since the founded. The design is reviving our products of Furoshiki and kimono accessory. Masao Hiraoka, the apprentice of Kouhei Ezaki was the excellent designer in reproduction work of "Rinpa" and he built the form of Katouman. Michitarou Iguchi took lessons from Masao Hiraoka and succeeded the Katouman. We produce the design goods with the theme of "Rinpa" to fit the present age.

MIFUJI / Our Main Brand Concept

   "Mifuji" is the top brand of kimono accessories in Japan with original taste. The Japanese admire the nature and the beauty in four seasons. The Japanese have been study and take the beauty sense in our garment culture with the nature during the long history. It is succeed the base of "Mifuji" our brand concept continuously as well as "Rinpa" the decoration art style in the middle period of Edo.
   We present the original style and unique way of Kimono Accessories, Haneri, Obiage, Nagajyuban and kimono intimate goods with the contemporary taste.

Hokkori-Kobo / Our Casual Brand Concept

   "Hokkori-Kobo" is our brand for the contemporary life-style goods. "Hokkori" means to be peacefully or to feel breathe freely in Kyo-Kotoba, the native Kyoto language. It has been taken root the tradition and the artisan sprit in our life style today in Kyoto. Perhaps, we need something to image relaxation in our mind in the past and nowadays.
   We wish to feel the breath freely of Kyoto, tasting the elegance of Kyoto in your life-style with "Hokkori-Kobo" our brand goods.


Hana-Ichimastu Kyoto

   We present the new brand message "Hana-ichimastu" from Kyoto the capital city of Japanese Culture. "Hana" is the elegant flower design as well as "Kourin-monyo" and "Ichimatsu" is the checkers the repeat design pattern.
   We succeed the beauty traditional art design story in Japan and to hand down to the next generation with our new products.

Iwaimon / Japanese Classical Motif of Celebration

   The first presentation theme of our brand debut is "Iwaimon wo Tanoshimu/ To know and enjoy the Japanese Classical Motif of Celebration". "Iwaimon" is the Japanese classical ornament design of celebration with drawing animals and plants and goods. From once upon a time, Japanese have been kept the consideration each other with gifting.  We asked the new design work to the four men's and women's artists. Artists sent us the drawing works with all their hearts.
   We wish you enjoy the Japanese classical ornament design with "Hana-ichimatsu" our new brand goods.


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Kyoto Branch Office Phone +81-75-221-8710   Fax +81-75-231-4366